Singles League

Mile High Pétanque Club is hosting a singles league for 2019. The season begins in March!

The League is committed to improving the sport of pétanque at all levels of play. Continued statistical success improves readiness and winning in tournaments. In the league, a player’s abilities can be measured statistically not only by how well players perform against opponents, but also how well a player improves against his own career. Our league attempts to play often in order to play well nationally, and internationally. Tête-à-tête competition is the best true measure of a player, and the level of play and focus required in singles is also needed in doublettes and triplettes. The league abides by the International Rules of the Game of Pétanque, which can be found here.

The league was designed as an easy to use method of keeping scores that allows players to remain competitive over a long season in order to prepare for tournaments. Matches must be met on a loose schedule, primarily against similarly skilled opponents. At mid-season results are compiled, and a new schedule is given for the second part of the season. This ensures that players continue to compete against others at their skill level, while also providing a means to continually move up the standings in a race towards the end of the season.

The Season

The entire season lasts 24 weeks (5 1⁄2 months) from the first day of spring March 20th until September 2nd (on Labor Day weekend). However, within one season, there are two half-seasons. This division ensures that each league player is meeting the right competition for the final weeks. The first part of the season is a qualifying round that determines placement for the second half. After Sunday, June 10th (Week 12), new schedules are given to players based on their 1st half rankings, and the second half of the season determines the league champions. Players who have not met their required games by June 10th will be marked inactive until they meet those games. A player that does not meet the minimum season requirements of games does not qualify on the season, and will have their record and statistics removed from the final league standings. Not qualifying makes that player ineligible as well for any prize payouts. Note: Required games that are not met in the 2nd half result in a forfeit score of 13-7 against the player with the lowest attendance.

This system allows a balanced schedule so that new players will have success, while top level players must play the most challenging games. Members of league who improve their game in the first part of the season have the possibility of competing against higher ranked players in the second half. In order to score these games, results must be sent by text or email to the club president. Winners must send the results (e.g.: Bob 13 vs. John 9) or the games will not be scored.

Fees for league will pay out directly at the end of the season to the following: 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd, place, and Rookie of the Year. In the event that the league has no new players, the Rookie of the Year prize will be offer to the most improved player. League winner also takes home the traveling trophy that is handed over year to year to the next 1st place champion.



The MHPC & league are trying to create a safe and fun atmosphere for competition. The league abides by the rules and code of conduct of the FPUSA. It is important to remember that we are all part of one club, and overall we are attempting to prepare Colorado players for better play at national and international tournaments.

In the league no player should ever rest on their laurels. All players, should by all means possible, accept the challenge of a player who ranks lower in the standings. This provides every player the opportunity to move up. League members should abide by the league rules:

10 Rules of the League – RESPECT!

  1. Know and play by the official rules of the game.
  2. Respect players who are throwing or ready to throw in the round.
  3. Respect the decisions of the umpire, and all game officials.
  4. Respect your club.
  5. Respect your adversary.
  6. Respect yourself, and show self control under all circumstances.
  7. Refuse all forms of violence or cheating.
  8. Respect and be true to the game.
  9. Be a good sport in winning as in losing.
  10. Do not let a loss take away from another players win.

Details for 2019

All 8 required games (8 games minimum, maximum number of games varies by ranking) for the first season must be met by June 10th. These games can be played all in one day, or over several weeks. They can be played wherever you decide to meet to play. Winners should text names and scores to David who will add them in to the spreadsheet for scoring.

Fees for 2019 league are $20 ($21 via Paypal) per player.  After signing up for league, you will receive your Player Score Card.

Player Score Card

All the areas shaded in grey on your cards are optional games. Those optional games are usually challenges from players trying to go up in the standings against a higher ranked opponent. Players may choose to challenge higher ranking players, and those higher ranking players cannot turn down the request for the opportunity to move up with a possible win.

Players can join the league for the 2019 season until May 15, 2019.

See the current rankings and updates.

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